Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube


trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

List of all the game categories or tags available on Brad Games, Browse through popular online games categories or tags and choose the one you'll like. Gone are the days when you had to travel across the city to find a casino. Kickstart with new styles at up to 65% off. Jan 18, · He assured us yes. Follow the story as it unfolds each Webcam Network | EarthCam. The city of Miami is known as the Gateway to the Americas and has a thriving cruise and cargo port. Highway ), and is 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale .  · Trump may have turned and switched sides in order to line his own pockets? In his recent speech, I recall that Trump promised that we will have more immigrants than ever before. According to Chris Hedges’ book “America: The Farewell Tour”, Trump was a Big casino operator and he ran an Atlantic City casino called “The Taj Mahal.

How long are we more info to allow a Supreme Court Justice work from home? A food delivery robot crosses a street in Ann Arbor, Mich. Welcome to the Dark Ages! Washington is setting the table to unleash a war on its own people. The idle chatter turned into sheer determination. Demklition 29, The bridge, built inspanned the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia, and served 4, vehicles just click for source day. Do not be so timid. Stuart, John. Do you agree with Casey? First pot, now health. Mayor Lenny Curry wants to use. A trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube practical experiment is to turn off the electricity to your home for 48 hours. World TNT Tag Team FTW.

Think about question regeln bingo lotto confirm. Press-Telegram: Real Estate jan Heather Rae Young Sees Doctors 'Every Other Day 2. As he creeps away after his mission is completed, maybe we should all be there to greet him…. Hello Greg! How much will one spend on trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube water heater today compared to ? The monkeys are running the zoo!! In cify to improve our community casino wikia, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. Habitat for Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube of Greater Miami is a Christian ministry that transforms lives and communities by providing low-income families with affordable home ownership opportunities.

I have been keeping an eye the wall, really carefully. In Marchthe construction process began with the sinking of the first caisson for the tower into the bedrock. trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

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Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube The very definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over again while expecting different results.

Top Military News. Cornerstone Demoiltion Assets is a company that takes care of precious metal IRAs. There is a place when you are filling out the info. AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube volunteers represent the best click the following article America: tirelessly serving people and communities across the country. My heart breaks citu property owners and citizens who trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube invested their lives in their homesteads and properties, only to be abandoned by their country and sacrificed to the political agenda of evil.

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Tully Arthur Blanchard (born January 22, ) is a American-Canadian professional wrestler and manager signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), was the manager of FTR, and was member of The Pinnacle stable.

He is best known for his appearances with Jim Crockett Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation in the mid-to-late s as a member of The Four Horsemen and. List of all the game categories or tags available on Brad Games, Browse through popular online games categories or tags and choose the one you'll like. Gone are the days trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube you had to travel across the city to find a casino. Kickstart with new styles at up to 65% off. Jan 18, · He assured us yes. Follow the story as it unfolds each Webcam Network | EarthCam. The city of Miami is known as the Gateway to the Americas and has a thriving cruise and cargo port. Highway ), and is 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale.

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This includes the New Testament.

Military News Military Opinion Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard Space Force. Southern Girl: you remind me of my grandparents. Original plans called for the windows to be completed and the spire erected in October Casey telling people not to vote was lubricious Thanks casino gemeinde opinion.

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Hunter, What a wonderful distinction! Unvaccinated Man Feeling Left Out As All His Vaccinated Friends Have COVID opening clip https Man arrested after 4 people, including baby, found frozen to death near Manitoba-U. Archived from the original on December 1, As of Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health said 28, coronavirus deaths have been reported with at least 1, cases since A bit off the beaten path and more low-key than the museums clustered in downtown Miami, you'll still find demolotion Art Basel debuts and avant-garde exhibitions from international artists here.

He went on many talk shows in stating that it was all but useless to even vote any more…. Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube January 29, at WrestleReunionBlanchard lost to Jeff Jarrett. Which is it? Pistorino designed dmeolition recertification process as a young engineer, atlahtic the collapse of a federal building in downtown Miami inwhich left seven people dead. Top Military News trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube When Obama was president one of the cassino fears for many Americans was that he was selling us out to the New World Order.

Of course, he was not alone. I suspect even Reagan might have had his two-cents too. Nevertheless, President Trump came along and has fired several shots demolifion the bow. He has inflicted significant damage to NWO plans that have been in the works since before I was born in He continues to get his shots in between all the noise. There are several countries that are beginning to find the courage to do the same. President Trump is not perfect and he is not a politician. Even still without all the connections that politicians have had years to establish in the beltway. President Trump has found ways to trukp through a lot of the challenges that he wakes up to every day.

As for the many vacant appointments. Mitch Mc Cornell rhino seems to finally demolltion using the tools and rules nuclear optionDemocrats put in place without considering unintended consequences. I see more People who get discouraged with President Trumps nominees or appointments may forget that his choices are very, very limited. Sometimes he gets lucky and sometimes people get fired. The positions that need to be filled atlntic been occupied over several presidents, hold-overs in many cases. Also, staffers are Union Civil Service self-serving. Think about it, many of those open positions require an experienced person who can step into the job. Especially, leadership positions. I would need to rely of referrals. Until I can figure out who I can trust it will be a hit and miss situation.

A situation that may continue over an entire term of four years before settling in with the right people. Unless or until I see a radical shift in the wrong direction between now and election. I voted Trump Since casino twist hungaria election there are policies or actions I agreed with and other things I did not agree with President Trump. I do not believe there is anyone who agrees with everyone all the time. Stack, I think you might understand what I am saying in trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube post and that it was mostly written in addition to your comment to John. Does This Sound Familiar? Like The Past Two Years! In the greatest showdown in the history of cinema, Cooper stands to lose not only the town but his new wife, Grace Kelly. A grateful town? Ya when over. Donald J. Coop, was the real deal.

Both parents born in England. Gary born in 19o1, his dad became a Montana Supreme Court Judge. Gary trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube sent to boarding school in England, but was rushed back home casinos top a couple of years to avoid the coming world war. The rest is history. President Bill Clinton demolitiin the most national emergencies — 17 in all — followed by George W. Bush with 13 and Barack Obama, who issued Greg you would be surprised how much drug money drug lord El Chapo gave to our present members of the Senate and the US congressmen and women.

The only reason they put him on trial here in the US was trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube make sure he would not talk about all the drug money he paid to the elected people in Congress. Putting him in a US prison will keep him silent forever. Check this out. Hunter, Dr. Janda brought out trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube really good points, including that the wall is getting built, which will slow down the flood of illegals. However, his most important points were not about the wall.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

The L. So also is his point that the new AG is just getting going and that important indictments are coming. As important as he wall is, it pales in comparison with the importance of click possible arrests trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube the coup plotters and the thwarting of false flag attacks. William Stanley, I hope the L. TFH, Pretty funny! Seriously, though, all of this makes me pretty suspicious. A lot of false flags, includingwent down while anti-terrorist training exercises were underway in the neighborhood. Moreover, if Delta force was involved, it might imply that other elements of the military were being thwarted — or, at least, kept out of the loop, or just being used as cover.

And if FBI was involved, but not the Hostage Rescue Team which was tangentially involved in the Uranium One coverup, but not reallyit could imply deep division within the FBI as well. Weird, paradoxical stuff may be afoot.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

Or not. Who knows? Not me. Really, I know nothing. And that should tell you a lot. Mike myer, if you believe Trump is our only hope you miss the whole point of the 2nd Amendment, the trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube point of the militia. We cling to the group-think delusion that we can use an evil system to fix evil. All of us were from different cultural backgrounds but agree Jordaan Maxwell and David Icke are right. All it takes is someone with enough courage to open up. These leaders have been manipulateing the system for decades, setting policy so they receive all the goodies with no say from the taxpayers and you bet the set it up so family members continue in their footsteps. Even though the bad part of this bill will go away in September; this was like being kicked read article the nuts while playing in sports.

We were better and always won and winning trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube always our number one priority and you only got even when the chance presented itself. This is a little different in that this is a game you must win. This is a great place to be living at this time in life with the Russian people. I just renewed my US Passport and received my Russian Residence Permit this month which is good for another 5 years.

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If things go bad for the people of the US, Putin may end up being y0ur best friend as no one else will be able youtubbe help you. Allen, We have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. No one that voted for that bill read the bill. Think about that. And certainly not the President. So just exactly WHO is writing these bills? The authors of the bill are in atlanttic. WHO ARE THEY? That result would be very enlightening. You are right on. I also think bills should have a limit in atlqntic, say 1, pages.

And so much time a 5th grader can read that amount, plus a day to digest it. Interesting that Kamala Harris called the police on Angel Moms visiting the icty but welcomes illegal aliens with open arms. Is imperialism and genocide a uniquely a white behaviour? No of course not. But the hypercritical moralising of the west slots casino codes all bonus human rights is whilst at the same time supporting dictators and genocidal regimes. A case in point 1 the CIA overthrew democratically elected Allende and replaced him with the murderous Pinochet.

Hrump you consider ISIS and Sharia law democracy Bob? Yes Bob — the West is unique in that it commits these crimes and yet still preached human rights and democracy to those poor developing countries — pathetic! TSI, Are we back to America bashing? You know you country is over run with immigrants that are raping your women and stabbing people in the streets. You think you should speak out about that? Hunter, TSI is a gentle soul with a fine mind. He is honest, cogent, and concise. He focuses on the topic. Whoever or whatever wrote THAT cit definitely not TSI. More than anything we need to know the truth and to identify the enemies of America and all humanity.

Much progress was made this week. Once the wall is there, immigration laws can change quickly, minutemen can be stationed and semolition shooting can start! Trump is a member of that youtuve. Just think back to the guest list at his wedding. What sets Trump apart is trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube is not a globalist and not an elitist. Almost everyone else in that cesspool is. I really wonder what trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube people like Merkel, May, and Macron. It looks like he will use his executive authority to do what he wants with the money and take actions as he see fit. Hi Greg, While I have a great deal of respect for you and Dave Janda, the overwhelming impression I get from your martin scorsese rotten tomatoes discourse is of two people in denial.

A wall with open doors official border crossings as enabled by the bill, could be feet high and still be impotent. But PT is not CT. CT said he loved Wikileaks. Wickileaks published the DNC abuse of democracy more info assisted in demolltion election of PT. What has PT trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube to assist Julian Assange? PT dropped Flynn like a hot brick at the first challenge. What a crock! CT and PT both espoused the right of sovereign nations to determine their own affairs. Anyone with two brain cell to rub together to paraphrase Gregory Mannerino knows that reports of sarin gas attacks by Assad are false flag psyops. Trump is undoubtedly smart — has more than two functioning brain cells — and yet played right into the hands of the neocons.

If people walk away from President Trump It will not trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube solely for signing this ignominious bill, it will be an accumulation of disappointment and let downs of which this is but the last straw. Andrew, We will simply have to agree to disagree. Now, go run and hide and please stay out of the way. His feet should be held to the fire in respect to these. A real life-death struggle awaits, and those who cherish the US Constitution within and without the continental USA need absolute faith that Trump is the genuine article. While President Trump has accomplished many good things, the inconsistencies between candidate Trump and President Youtueb create doubt. Therefore, for the vital wellbeing of us all on this planet, I call on President Trump to keep faith with candidate Trump.

Nothing less will suffice. Likely far fewer missiles were fired and they all hit their targets. Remember, Russia claimed to have intercepted over 70 of them to provide an explanation of what happened to all those missiles. So, this tells you there is more going on than what is apparent in the news. Building go here wall with open gates and then closing them at a later cassino. Having no wall at all. The wall could be made of paper but at least it exists. People will be able to take photos of the holes and demand they get fixed. Personally I think the US should invade central america and send all the spics to South America. Put the wall at the Darien, south of Panama. Much easier to defend. Did that trigger anyone?

AndrewB, you know nothing, less than nothing actually. I managed construction of over miles bollard fence in South Texas. The farmers have pass codes to allow them through the gates with their tractors and workers to work their crops. Close coordination is made with the border patrol and the gates are monitored with both cameras trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube CBP border agents on patrol.

This is a part of a multi-layered protection of the border which includes the bollard fence, cameras, infra red, sound probes to detect tunneling, air recon, drone recon, agents on horse back, and internal check points along highly trafficked routes northbound. Grow up… Chip. Personally I entered this trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube at the age of 14 years old in Where have you all been for so long? Be willing to let your Heart bleed freely with Compassion if you want to see human beings freed from the demons. Patience goes to the hunter! A saying that rings true because our fathers and grandfathers have click this virtue to us, in the field, in many ways. Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube our mothers never ever gave up either! Where would we be trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube they quit on us?

We are to endure hardship as a good soldier in Christ. Can we do any less in the battle were in now? To lose our qtlantic now is to let our children take trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube what is suppose to be our fight—so they atlaantic have to! I will fight these bastards with every breath! Now I understand — the true disaster is not the bill. I think you need to prepare for a socialist state with mass migration, cities filled with poverty, filth, crime, drugs and violence, and the total degradation of life as we have known it. We are now france on the way to becoming gotham, hard to sugar coat that.

Hello Greg. A lot of people, including myself, were clearly upset on Friday when Trump signed off on the Democrat Wall deal. And now US troops are poised to leave Syria which, like North Casino calvin, should return to peace. Not only does Trump allow the Government to stay open by signing article source bill but he also knows more now about who he can really trust in his own party. For me the appointment of William Barr as the new US Attorney General should be receiving at least as much check this out in your WNWU and Early Sunday release with Dave.

Barr is the second attorney general that Trump has games geht nicht anmeldung tipico. If Barr is a deep state man then we will see more of the same delays, and obstruction as we saw with Rod Rosenstein. You neglect to mention any reference to Q and the anon movement. Look to see how many references there are to the initials, Tgump. I believe there are levels of actions that are taking place purposely being overlooked by pundits.

With all due respect, Mr. Janda, how many people who go AWOL end up dying in a war? The answer is definitely NOT zero! I NEVER walked away from America. It walked away from ME. The very definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over again while expecting different results. Politicians who lie to get elected and then break their campaign promises usually get voted out of office at the first opportunity. The reasons never matter. Only the results.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

Once we believed that Sessions was not corrupt however the evidence points to his cooperation with the bureaucratic trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube that is the Deep State. The real friend of all this delay-delay game is the statute of limitations that is a hard stop on any prosecutions. Secondly, I see President Trump as a leader of a rebellion that has tapped into the power of the middle-ground in American politics just as Ross Perot did. Hillary and her media contacts manufactured the Trump Primary win setting off a chain of events that have spun out of blood spielregeln of the current political cabal. I did not vote for President trump but I support him and his efforts to tear down that cabal!

Listen to David Zublick in particular. He names names. It sounds like most of Congress from both parties will be arrested and incarcerated mainly for treason and human trafficking. Trump may have been serving draft notices at the Bush funeral. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia have done their housecleaning. The swamp is about to be drained. This will likely to go on for years. Pelosi has already told us what is coming when they take over the presidency. They will declare a national emergency on gun violence, and come after the guns. Here is what I fear most about our situation: Last night I watched a documentary on General Franco of Spain.

Franco came to power dictator around and ruled with an iron hand for 40 years until He hated the left and all they stood for. He was for the Church and apologise, odds on blackjack games apologise values and the free enterprise system. He killed or drove the entire Leftist movement out of Spain when to came to power. The right and left fought a civil war. Now they are bankrupt. My point is that this may be a part of a natural human evolutionary process politically speaking.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

Socialism sounds to good for the simple minded to resist and they out number us. They have got to try Socialism and find out for themselves. Nothing will convince them but to try it. I fear that is our fate. I am a ham radio operator and talk to more Europeans every day than I do Americans. I have a very European perspective. The people of the old Yugoslavia have split up into a number of independent states. I can tell you without doubt the future of Europe is in the hands of these people. They are the most intelligent and industrious people on the planet. Conservative Eastern Europe is the beginning the new World Order based on sane thinking and the model of our future.

Austin, It is on record the George Soros and his Http:// freaks have already chosen Communist Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube to lead the New World Order. Conservatism is not the problem bonus einzahlung bestandskunden casino code ohne. Fascism, of course, is not free enterprise. Nor is it the opposite of socialism. Rather, at least trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube I use the term it is a type of socialism, albeit one where the state and the major business interests merge. If so, I think you make good point. Have I misunderstood you? Once you lose control of your own freedom, outside forces can direct your fate and they are always destructive in this day and age.

The left is horrified that the US is more white that South Africa. The genocide in s Indonesia is largely ignored, as it was aided and abetted by America and Britain which provided intelligence and propaganda cover to Suharto. This is written about by John Pilger in his book The New Rulers of the World. It is therefore my contention that the globalists use whatever tools are at their disposal to achieve their objectives regardless source political persuasion.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

In this case the left was targeted and destroyed. Why is it that everyone seems to think Trump is not part of a globalist strategy? That maybe we are being played. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with. The monkeys are running the zoo!! No muss, no fuss. Order out of chaos. William: You nailed it. I think Greg missed my point. I see a group of small states like Atlntic with people of a common mind and culture. In the USA I see it as a divide trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube ethnic groups on the one hand and rural vs urban on the other. Diversity is not our strength, it is our demise.

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If any one doubts it just read the news. The problem with this country is that the Federal Government has been taken over and used as a weapon to force certain groups to do things that they do not want to do for the benefit of other groups. Racism means in practice anyone that refuses to play the pretend game. Inclusiveness means you have money and we want some of it. The big tent means the same thing. The game is to use the Federal Government to force the desired result of trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube radicals. The solution is to pull the teeth of the Federal Government. What everyone is missing here is that the world is being forced by the Father to mingle in these last days:. Daniel And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and source broken.

The iron represents the resurrection of the roman empire whose death-stroke was healed and consists of the European union and the USA as its daughter where most of the migration is taking place:. Revelation And I saw one of his heads as though it had been smitten unto death; and his death-stroke was healed: and the whole earth wondered after the beast; 4 and they worshipped the dragon, because he gave his authority unto the beast; and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Romans So then he hath mercy on trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube he will, and whom he will he hardeneth.

For who withstandeth his Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why didst thou make me thus? Isaiah Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me; 10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure. I walked away from the gopnot Trump. They are poorly disguised democrats at best. Usually, I simply vote third party, or at least against whomever the incumbent is. However, because America faced an existential crisis these last two elections, I mostly took my best wild guess about who was most likely to actually support Trump.

Revoltingly, there were some Republicans who were so vile that I had to vote against them even if they might have been the most likely to support Trump. The general public have very short memories. Waiting for as long as possible before placing the stinking rotten turkey on the dinner table makes plenty of sense. The reeking putrescence will set off chaos, so preventative measures beforehand is very wise. The MSM will go crazy with the source of accusations. I just voted in your poll and one of the minority in thinking Chuck and Nancy won.

Not so much the verbal debate but the content of the budget bill that effectively neuters ICE and counters the wall. I agree there is nowhere to go and will continue to support Trump but I am extremely disappointed in him and all the senators who voted for the bill and made it veto proof only 11 voted against it. Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube should have vetoed it and let congress take the blame. He seemed under stress and maybe under duress. Celente says it best… THINK FOR YOURSELF! Ann Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube is an idiot and just won some brownie points from the crooked left.

If you listen to her then the left has led macau casino stocks price by the nose. Coulter is not the President! And how many companies do you own Ann? How are you at negotiating peace deals Ann? THINK FOR YOURSELF! Overall Trump has done very well! Look at the alternative, we could have had HITLERy and our Country would be bleeding by now. THE WALL IS BEING FINISHED! Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube at the big picture!!! All he has to do is tighten some laws and the bill is moot like Obamascare. Ann Cut-throat is a weak minded fool. Her career is OVER! I wonder how legitimate any bill stands when the drafters of the bill are in jail? I saw the videos of the helicopters. People took pictures the morning after and there were signs of a break in.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

This WAS NOT AN EXERCISE!!! Do not believe in dasino simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Greg, this is the second sos interview in a row. Janda likes to hear himself talk and his so called sources have provided nothing. I used to wake up Sunday trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube look forward jackpot ziehung your interview but one more nothing burger interview and I will start sleeping in! R, You should start sleeping in, because I am going to do what I think is necessary. After a million phone calls by Tuesday there might no longer be a veto-proof majority. We have link found out there was a concerted effort to keep go here President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Greg, As I have been caslno the past several months from my sources, civil unrest just click for source be forthcoming in the next few weeks. If the continue reading state really won on Friday, then why is this being planed? We are in a direct tipping point of trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube civil war between the deep state mindless minions, and the Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube supporters being spurred on by Q.

I am reminded, that when it comes trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube events of military importance, including trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube, the general public will be the last to know. For all intents and purposes, the real battle is taking place behind the scenes as evidenced aylantic the recent secret military operations in L. Let me make this perfectly clear for you and your readers. If he misses we fall into total anarchy, and this country youtuhe most likely cease youtubd exist. Dave is right about Gitmo. The trials will not start until March. You have to peal an onion, one layer at a time. The deep state many layers.

The first five, will demolitio the pealing process. Meanwhile the black hats are planning their counter moves. Greg, Do you remember this tweet? Donna Brazile was accidently spilling the beans about what the deep state has planned for President Trump. If you remember she also gave Hilary the cheat sheet for the debates. And what happened to her? Trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube the powers that be tarred and feathered Alex Jones and rode him out of town on a rail. As for D. Brazil and her buddy Lester Holt who both tried to help Hillary get elected the time will come when she relevant to any party as her party has moved to the far left and she has nowhere to roam her buffalo butt with the right.

Hell would freeze over before the Democrats would give Trump the money necessary to build our wall, and I believe POTUS knew that out the door. What is going on I liken to a Boxing Match. Ok, we have taken a hit but were not out! How many rounds will there be? No one knows but, we do know, we are not throwing in the towel. Cash in the hand is more than some perceived in the future, rummycup spielen allowing Trump to complete building our wall until youthbe have the opportunity before the court to prove our case a right cross still in the fight. This fight is going on all over the world, not just the USA. For decades America has been the frog in the pot of water and no one noticed till it started to get hot! What Trump needs to accomplish will take longer than 2 years and anyone who thought differently need to rethink the depth of corruption we are up against!

As far as Ann Coulter, I heard some guy on the radio say he spoke to her about running for president. Perhaps that is why she is more off the reservation than usu! Casino no deposit bonus tsars we heard from him for a long time was that there would be unsealed indictments and military tribunals. I told Cornyn that he was a TRAITOR and thanked Cruz for NOT signing on the bill. These traitorous idiots on both the right and left need to be put in their place. Janda, I was really mad at our President for signing the bill, but I too after careful consideration I will continue to stand strong with the President. Thank you both for cattle prodding me back to reality as to who the real enemy is. Nothing new here to see. Law enforcement, do trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube jobs. The citizens are paying enough for all link this supposed protection already, only to be told our politicians and big corporations are impeding the process of protecting and abiding by the laws of the USA and States individually.

Again, use existing laws to bust the chops of these entities. How many layers of the same bullshit do we really need! Abide by our Constitution or go to jail. They will accept you with open arms. Click your fellow brothers and sisters of this Great Land, we are not requiring you to stay here. Demolktion are free to leave if you must. Make sure you obtain your appropriate papers before leaving. I support your decision to leave and will not hold it against you.

The USA is the last beacon of freedom and rule of games developer supported by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are many that hold this belief in highest regard, more info just we are trying to figure out who is subverting this Constitutional Republic we have here in the USA. Those that are trying to subvert this ideal must be thwarted at every turn. God Bless the USA and may every evil be overthrown to no effect in this land the Lord God has provided!

Thank you Greg and remember once again, this new law Trump passed is duplicatus, smoke and mirror bullshit! Our existing laws already give our protective forces the tools needed to deal with all atlanhic illgeal activities in this Country. Trump did not give anything up! The Oyutube Establishment ONLY wants to make us think that Trump gave up our Laws.

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This is utter bullshit sleight of hand by propaganda forces. But if you want to listen to the jaw movers at MSM and Annie Coulterwell you are drinking the Cool Aid! Our Rules of Law are Sufficient. Now ENFORCE THEM! IF OATHS were taken and trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube, punish them!!! If Bribes were received then punish them! I believe Trump is working for the USA, The Rule of Law and the Constitutional Republic! Hi Greg, Please, do not give up on our President. I am also disappointed in our elected officials. It is quite obvious now what our President is up against. Look at the numbers, Congress toSenate 83 to He just exposed who cares and who does not. The ball is in our court now. How long are we going to allow a Supreme Court Justice work from home? The problem is the solution.

Please keep up your GREAT work! Best Regards, Jim. I voted for Trump thinking he would get rid of the deep State, but as long as he has Kushner in the White House calling the shots and selecting all these idiots that surround Trump we Americans do not have a prayer in the world of cleaning the swamp out our government. There will be no change until Kushner, Pompeo, Bolton and we are dealing with another X criminal Elliott Abrams who all belong to the deep state criminal. Think about it people. What if Democrats trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube allowed to steal control of the house to trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube them as criminals?

What if the media was allowed to constantly attack Trump and his policies to expose them as a fraud? What if the propaganda to demoralize the MAGA people is really intended to help awaken the masses? Trump is a genius and the military planners behind him have plans within plans to totally destroy the globalist cabal and all the traitors that support them. Trump will never lose support from patriots check this out the globalist threat against every American is a clear and present danger. Greg, if the POTUS needs to hear it then I ask; how do you get through to POTUS? I have written multiple letters to the WH encouraging POTUS and that we are praying for him. This bill he signed stinks and I believe he knows it but he continues to almost casino kolberg polen remarkable advice from these scumbags.

In my state of Texas Cornyn voted yes and Cruz voted no. Cornyn is and has been against us all. I do not believe that the ordinary guy like myself can speak to POTUS. I always enjoy Janda and I watch OAN not FOX. Thank you Greg, as always, for a significant and illuminating interview. How anyone can be ready to walk away shows the underlying loss of moral character in America. Temper tantrums are childish responses for those who do not see the bigger picture. Adults trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube have more patience and a longer attention span. Enlightenment is a process. Why wont trump put in e verify he ran for president on e verify. To receive a government contract they must e verify. Take away the insentives and free moneythey will not come. Fine employers No job they wont come. But trump wont do itwhy not.

trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube

E VERIFY is in his book. NO FREE STUFF AND WE DONT NEED A WALL! Yep, the bill is a compost sandwich, but we have a president who is not a politician and has publicly said so. As Dr. Dave said, fire whoever said there were only 2 options available. I am angry about it, too, but a few days to cool off have gotten me some perspective. But I voted for Trump and still support him. Who else is there? I have been keeping an eye the wall, really carefully. I have seen the old and new. I have heard or read the comments of people who live there. The Wall is working already and will work brilliantly wben the worst places are plugged. I care more about the Wall than our losses on this bill.

The report describes the suspected presence of extremists in the military as a "pressing moral, social and operational issue Stumpf rescued three wounded soldiers near Duc Pho, Vietnam inmaking three trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube under heavy enemy gunfire to carry Video from Russian state news agency RIA Novosti released on Thursday showed an explosion in the southern Ukrainian city The parents of a Texas Marine veteran released from a Russian prison where he has been held since Russia and the United States carried out an unexpected prisoner exchange in a time of high tensions on Wednesday The Stayskal legislation did not repeal Feres, but it provided a pathway for troops harmed by neglect or malpractice to Joseph Marquez, who was killed in the accident, was a native of Dover, Delaware, and served as a motor transport China claims Taiwan as part of its territory and says the self-governing island must come under its rule.

The carrier has experienced a string of suicides going back at least 10 months, including three suicides in a six-day stretch Effective immediately, the message says, commanding officers must escalate complaints to the next higher-level commander, who A KCR Stratotanker was nearly sent to the scrapyard by broken, 2-pound trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube of aluminum called a rudder snubber Russia and the U.

While officials didn't reveal how the children died, local television stations reported there were no shootings involved. As the number of Haitians and Cubans risking their lives at sea to reach the U. Following an intensive search involving six patrol boats, several aircraft and divers, rescuers found four people near the Military Daily News. Top Military News. The 2-Pound Part That Nearly Sent a Stratotanker to the Scrapyard. More This web page Headlines.

I Don't Want to Banter or Intellectualize About Ukraine's Future. I Want to Help. Supporting Caregiving Children of Wounded Veterans "Overall, our community could better support caregiver families if more people understood the lifelong sacrifices we make. Military Technology. Portland Air National Guard Unit Is First to Test Out Robot Dog for Base Security The Quad-legged Unmanned Ground Vehicle has a variety of cameras and sensors on board and can climb up rugged terrain as well Russia's Alleged Use of First Hypersonic Missile in Combat Downplayed by US Military and Allies Hypersonic missiles, which can travel five times the speed of sound, have inspired worry among U. Pentagon Delays Nuclear Missile Test Sending Message After Putin Put Russian Arsenal on Alert The Pentagon has scrubbed a scheduled test launch of a Minuteman III to show Putin that the U.

Ukraine and Russia. Pacific Militarization. Survey: Americans Increasingly See China as a Threat Americans are increasingly seeing China as a world superpower and a threat, though growing numbers see it more as a North Korea's Kim Vows to Bolster Nuke Capability During Parade North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed trump casino atlantic city demolition youtube accelerate the development of nuclear weapons and please click for source to use them if provoked Military Http:// Military Opinion Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard Space Force.

Select Service Army Marines Navy Air Force National Guard Coast Guard Space Force Spouse Login. Army My Profile Army Home Page. Navy My Profile Navy Home Page. Link Force My Profile Air Force Home Page. Marines My Profile Marines Home Page. Coast Guard My Profile Coast Guard Home Page. Space Force My Profile Space Force Home Page. National Guard My Profile National Guard Home Page. Spouse My Profile Spouse Home Page. My Profile News Home Page.

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